Customers are happy they choose Autoland in Sioux Falls, SD.  Between our three locations we are sure to help you find what you are looking for in a used car, truck, van, SUV, crossover or boat!  Please read our customer reviews below.  If you have been to any of the Autoland locations, please submit your own review below about your experience.  

We look forward to hearing from you!


John Grotluschen 4/21/2017
Second vehicle I have bought from Autoland. Won't go anywhere else. Always friendly, helpful, courtesy to deal with. Vehicles are in top condition.

Andrew W. 4/10/2017
When we need a vehicle in the future, we will check with Autoland 1st!

Allisa V. 4/1/2017
Thanks for EVERYTHING! Everything went great. Justin Even helped me get my windows tinted. Set up appointment & Everything. That's going above and beyond!!

Sally S. 3/28/2017
Thank you, I referred Dad because I knew he would be treated respectfully and honestly. Adam is excellent at his job! In the future, if anyone I know needs a vehicle, I will recommend he or she visit Autoland.

Katie T. 3/16/2017
THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS! Adam - Many THANKS! Thank you so much for the amazing help with the car. I was very nervous with the situation and you and everyone there made it so easy! Thank you SO MUCH! GOD BLESS!

Mark & Lora V. 3/2/2017
Adam was great to work with. He took excellent care of us & we are very happy with our new car!

Gary & Mary C. 2/21/2017
Everyone at Autoland was very cordial & helpful. Thanks Adam, for helping us try numerous vehicles - It helped us a lot!

Thank you for helping us to find a car. We like our 2014 Ford Escape. Thank you for the box of chocolate chip cookies. Thank you Brad, and the other Autoland employees. You all were kind and helpful. We will recommend your business to our friends. We appreciate all you did! - Dale & Jeanne H.

Natasha S 1/1/2017
Anytime there is a customer in the bank that says they are looking for a new car, we will send them your way!

Gladis V. 12/30/2016
Love the great work Joe did, I will recommend him to anybody!

Lonnie W. 10/18/2016
Great experience I love my new Pickup!

Kobi B. 10/18/2016
Preston was very nice, not pushy, kept me informed.

Jean Z. 10/18/2016
Preston is the most kindest, sincere & patience. Never left on text unanswered ( and I sent many!)

Aaron I. 10/18/2016
It was a great car buying experience! Thanks!

James V. 10/18/2016
Overall very good customer service. Hopefully we can purchase a vehicle from Autoland in the future.

Emmanuel Z. 10/18/2016
Joe was awesome and helped me get in my car with in one week!

Denet C 9/30/2016
Preston does an amazing Job! Loved my experience!

Kim K 9/2/2016
Preston was the reason for purchase. We had another deal in Marshall, MN, but his kindness and pleasant personality is what sealed the deal.

Matt B 9/2/2016
Matt went out of his way to help us. He was fantastic!

Nathan L. 9/2/2016
Justin and the staff were professional and very pleasant to deal with. I will definitely be looking your way on my next purchase.

Diane B. 9/2/2016
Thanks for the great service1

Amanda S. 9/2/2016
Amazing Customer Service! Thanks!

Alyssa B. 8/5/2016
I love my new car! Thank You Brad so much!

Sheila P. 8/5/2016
I like the fact Adam knew we were looking for a car yet he didn't blow up our phone. Much appreciated & show his professionalism.

Jason S. 7/20/2016
Awesome customer service!

Erin D. 7/20/2016
Amazing experience! Thank You!

Stephen M. 7/20/2016
Thank you again for the Scion TC! Still can't believe financing beat my bank! Thanks for the cookies!

Heather B. 7/20/2016
I love my new Ford Edge!

Mike V. 7/20/2016
Eddy was an excellent salesman! Very honest, personable!

Chelsea M. 7/20/2016
Thank you for such awesome service! The cookies are delicious!

Lori M. 7/20/2016
Excellent customer service without high pressure sales! Preston is great to work with.

Patty S 7/5/2016
Loved every bit of it! Thank you for treating us like people and not money in the door!

Mike D. 6/13/2016
Great Car and a Great buying experience!

Tim T. 5/10/2016
Great to work with! Makes buying a car very easy! Will definitely refer anyone looking for a vehicle!

Tina A. 5/10/2016
Absolutely loved working with Adam! He's my car guy from now on!

Karla P. 5/10/2016
Adam works with you to be able to get the car and he also helps a person find the car they are looking for!

Gary K. 5/10/2016
Easiest purchase of a vehicle I have ever made! Very good salesmanship!

Pyuong D. 4/22/2016
Eddy was an excellent salesperson! Love to do business with someone like that. He deserves some sort of recognition.

Karla W. 4/22/2016
Very fair to work with. Treated my son with respect, that is appreciated.

Devon W. 4/22/2016
I enjoyed doing business with you. I would not hesitate to recommend someone to you dealership.

Stan P. 4/22/2016
Excellent service from Kyle and Doug. Very fair to deal with. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Cathy R. 4/7/2016
We were upside down in a vehicle and Matt went above and beyond to get us into a vehicle that worked for us.

Andy C 4/7/2016
Excellent experience!

Ashley S 4/7/2016
Thank you! We are loving our Jeep!

Kayla R 4/7/2016
You are all awesome!

Jessi K. 3/11/2016
Thanks so much! I tell everyone around there to come see you!

Jaime & Jim M. 3/9/2016
Very happy with our purchase and the "Thank You" cookies were an awesome touch! Very Pleasantly surprised!

Mangali S. 3/9/2016
You are an awesome business Autoland!

Dan K. 3/9/2016
My 2nd vehicle from Autoland - Both were great experiences!

Angela R. 3/9/2016
It was difficult for me to give my MKX - but really like my Caddy! Pleasantly Surprised!

Mike & Chris F. 3/9/2016
Customer Service Excellent. Vehicle detail unmatched!! Great Experience!

Dallas & Irene P. 2/11/2016
We had a great experience! Will recommend you to our friends. Thank You!

Bob B. 2/6/2016
Thanks for the wonderful service!

Kelsey H. 2/4/2016
Thank you to Brad Sparks for going above and beyond for me. I was in a bind with totaling my vehicle and he reassured me he could help. I gave him a list of needs and wants in a truck and found one that had absolutely everything I asked. I couldn't find a truck to match my style more than what he found for me.

Cathy L. 2/4/2016
Thanks for notifying me on this car! I love it!

Roger L. 2/4/2016
Your approach was great. No pressure friendly and informative.

Kristen W. 1/18/2016
I really appreciate how friendly all you guys were and how relaxing the atmosphere was! Makes purchasing a car A LOT less stressful!! Thank you !!

Lynsey B. 1/18/2016
It was a great experience all around and I got the perfect car.

Bob G. 1/18/2016
Just returned from 10 day trip (1800 mi) to Boulder CO Great time! vehicle ran very well! Very pleased!

Emily H. 1/8/2016
Great customer service!

Blake Lantgen 12/9/2015
Doug was an excellent salesman, wasn't pushy and was willing to do whatever we needed to help us in what we were looking for.

Katie Linneuweber 12/9/2015
This was hands down an awesome A+ experience. Couldn't be happier!

Shawn M. 12/8/2015
One of the best buying experiences I've had was great working with Doug, and all the guys at East 10th, Thanks. When I need another car I will definitely be back and will send anybody I know there for there vehicle needs. Thanks again. Purchase Date: 11/28/2015

Good Guy AutoLand in Sioux Falls, SD provided truly exceptional service. I had been looking for a specific used car for months. One finally popped up on It was a bit out of my price range, but I called anyway. We were able to strike a deal and I flew to Sioux Falls from Bozeman, MT. The guys there were nice and happy to work with me and give me time to look over the truck. During the test drive, I felt some slipping when I accelerated but chalked it up to icy roads... Until I was 60+ miles out of town. I put the clutch in and it stuck to the floor. I couldn't get the car out of 5th. I rolled to the side of the road figuring I was completely screwed and about to pay A LOT of money I don't have. I called the dealership and they sprung into action. They made sure I was safe (it was -2 and dropping by then) arranged a tow truck, and agreed to pay for it as well as the repairs and hotel. The mechanic at Tires Plus said he'd give the car a second inspection (a different shop did the first one) to make sure it was up to snuff before turning it back over to me. I was flabbergasted but ecstatic. I've been here a few days while parts have come in and repairs are completed. They've been welcoming and helpful, even giving me a loaner. Thanks to the guys at Autoland and the folks of Sioux Falls. I greatly encourage you to check and double check with the people at Autoland the next time you're getting into the used car market. Thanks again to the guys at Autoland. TL; DR: Got a great deal at Autoland, then absolutly exceptional customer service in a time of need. Posted By: David Stack

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars by Brooklyn B 04/11/2009 WOW...these guys are great here. I bought a car a month ago from Mike S. Highly recommend him to help you out. He wasnt pushy at all and he has a lot of experience in this area. Great dealership!!!

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